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I'm mostly pro-intact. I'm very anti-RIC though I have absolutely no problems with adult men choosing to alter their bodies in any way they wish, so I don't consider myself to be anti-circumcision in general - just anti-circumcision for people who can't/don't consent and for whom there's no *legitimate and immediate* medical reason. I'm not anti-female circumcision chosen by an adult woman for her OWN body either love and peace.
Quote: Originally Posted by confidentbirth Any chance of getting a comment from a few men? OR, at the least, a quote without attitude & perspective changing the actual thought? What sorts of quotes are you looking for? Here are some direct (unaltered) quotes from my dh who is intact with a circumcised father: "I'd rather have my b@lls cut off than my foreskin cut off." "I think the 'look like daddy' argument is one of the dumbest things...
My dh (intact) just assumed that his father (circumcised) wore his foreskin pulled back He didn't really know much about circumcision at all until I started looking into it after stumbling upon this forum while pregnant with our first child. He certainly NEVER asked his father about it and is very happy, especially now that he knows more, that his father didn't decide to make him an amputee just because he was one... love and peace.
Intact dh here with no serious problems in almost 25 years. He had a bit of tightness a year or so ago, but stretching it every day in the shower cleared that up in just a week or two I've also given him a yeast infection a couple of times, but it was infinitely easier to treat him than it was to treat me and we just used the same cream so no big deal. love and peace.
My ex-boyfriend was a military child and he was left intact, but I'm not about to go ask his parents why at this point in time His father's extensive military service background was actually a factor in why I erroneously thought he must be circumcised (the military = circumcision stereotype was alive and well in my high school!). In Kitsap County, WA (the other side of Puget Sound from Seattle) the circumcision rate is *extremely* low. When I ask pregnant women if...
I have a friend who had a circumcision as a 19 or 20 year old. He doesn't remember the operation, thanks to general anesthesia, he had plenty of pain medication for the healing period, and he was able to make the decision to be circumcised for HIMSELF. He was also toilet-trained by that time so he didn't end up peeing on his open wound during the healing period either. My husband is intact and very happy to be. He is glad that he doesn't "match" his father's penis,...
Started wearing shoes? Not likely Just haven't been around MDC much is all... If I lived somewhere where snow was common I would invest in some nice, soft moccasins (expensive would be okay since I wouldn't expect to wear them out very quickly - only wearing them when necessary). Since I'm in Seattle, I wear flip-flops when the ground is frozen or snowy and go barefoot the rest of the time. I've actually found that, unless the ground is frozen, my feet are warmer while...
So, to get a foreskin reconstruction surgery a man has to obtain "psychiatric clearance" even though he just wants his normal body back, whereas a man who wants a circumcision can just waltz in and have it done without any insinuation that he's not mentally sound? Our culture is seriously messed up... love and peace.
I don't think the OP can see this forum yet... love and peace.
Elvis was left intact because it was too expensive Everyone in my little family is intact as well! My brothers and my dad aren't, but my husband and daughters are love and peace.
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