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I'm not quite there yet, but thus far I'm one of the "let's wait and see what happens" mamas. I'm a little nervous about tandem-NIP or around people even though dd will only be 19-20 months older than the baby. I wanted to share also that Dh and I are pretty sure that he CLW (we can't ask MIL since she passed away a few years ago...) at 3.5 years. He remembers nursing, remembers it as a pleasant comfortable time with his mother, and doesn't remember weaning at all. So...
I'd order some Sodium Ascorbate powder online (if I didn't already have some) and just be prepared if I were you. I got WC as a teen and I was fully vaccinated so, I wouldn't worry about vaccinating. Especially since one dose won't really do anything anyhow. If your dc get WC then mega-dose on the SA, make sure they get rest, and they should be just fine I found some medical books from before the Pertussis vaccine at a rummage sale I volunteer at and they all said that...
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this I agree with the pps who said to physically go there to make your appointment. Then you could make the next appointment while you're still there after the first one. I've never been in this or a similar situation, but I'll keep you in my thoughts and I hope things start going well soon! love and peace.
The only person who should ever pull it back is the owner of the penis. You can instruct him to swish it or play with it in the tub (what boy wouldn't be happy to te told to play with his penis in the tub?) and that will keep him clean enough love and peace.
I can't keep up with it anyhow so whichever is fine with me : love and peace.
The average American isn't going to read the actual studies (does the average American read ANYTHING of substance any more???)... the average American reads the newspaper/news mags or watches the news on TV. So what the study says doesn't actually matter. The media spin is what matters and the media is actively promoting RIC : Hence our dismay... Doggone media is the real "opiate of the masses..." love and peace.
Quote: Originally Posted by eepster I remember your thread about this and it's part of why I think we need to do it enmass. That way it is harder for them to misinterpret it as someone who wants a mole removed. : love and peace.
We always used Trojans (back when we used condoms ) and the only time they slipped off was after we were done and he pulled out all the way. But I think that had to do more with the fact that he was a lot smaller then than with his foreskin. Maybe the smallness combined with his foreskin rolling back over But they never slipped off before we were finished. love and peace.
We definitely need to be brutally honest in our reactions to people who circumcise their children. It's NOT an okay thing to do... love and peace.
Yeah... a friend whom I cannot be honest with is not much of a friend, IMO. A friend whom I have to pretend around (especially about something as important to me as circumcision) is not much of a friend. Friends are supposed to be people who you can be yourself around and who like you in spite of (or even because of) your wacky fringe ideas. If I have to hold back with someone to the point of being untrue to myself then that person is not a true friend. ALL my friends...
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