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Hi Holly,  I am having the same issue this pregnancy as well.  I am 13 weeks along, and only gained a few pounds so far, am not a heavy person to start with either.  I have had varicose vein issues around my ankle every pregnancy, but not so early and not this bad.  It does help to put my feet up every time I sit, and drink extra water.  My midwife gave my a tincture, but I have not noticed any change yet.  I have an appointment with my regular family doctor next week to...
Subbing....... Hello everyone!  I am NAK, so short and sweet posts these days.  I am not a no or a yes about having anymore, youngest is just a month old.  Dh, who is turning 41 this year is already talking about the next baby :) We have five with us and one little angel.  
Another fast December labor here.  Less than two hours, 2 pushes.  10 pound baby, 6th child, unassisted waterbirth.  I was only in the birth pool for 15 minutes.  We were ready for a fast labor because I have had fast labors each time.  1st- 8 hours, 2nd- 4 hours, 3rd- 4 hours, 4th- 2 hours, 5th- 3 hours, and then this one was the fastest!  I did have a lot of braxton-hicks for the last two weeks of pregnancy, but nothing like I ever felt like I was in labor.  I drink...
Still here, I was "due" the 23rd.
Due today too!  I thought for sure I would be holding our wee one by now.  I am still maintaining my hope that she will be here before Christmas morning.
Congratulations!  So happy to hear of his arrival!  He is such a cutie!.   
What a cutie!  Welcome sweet little girl!
Welcome baby Haven! 
Congrats!  Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and joyful birth!
We all thought boy this time around, but my 2 year old was adamant about baby being a girl.........  according to ultrasound, she is right! 
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