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There are.  St. Luke's in the NE area has a birth center which I have heard good things about.  Also there is a birth center in the NW side of town in Kingwood that is attached to the hospital.  I have heard good things about it as well.  I haven't had any babies at either of the birth centers, but quite a few women who had birthed at both places have been to my birth center and they were very happy with their experiences.  :-)  I don't know about other parts of town. ...
My son died in 1997.  In 2001 when I was pregnant with DS2, I finally got out all of DS1 pictures and put them in an album.  I took a week and a lot of tears but it was very healing.   My husband is relocating from overseas back to the US and so packing up the stuff we have there.  Today he told me that he took apart the kids photo albums because they were too heavy for the luggage.  I was stunned.  I just started crying.  Then he told me that he hasn't taken apart DS1...
You guys are funny!  I like the lotus flower too but agree that naming a birth center that is too limiting.  I think  am going to go with Magnolia Birth Center.  http://www.buzzle.com/articles/magnolia-flower-meaning.html.  I live in Houston and apparently Houston is called the Magnolia City!  Didn't know that.  hmmmmm.
Ok, last one:   Uniquely You Birth Center or Uniquely You Birth and Wellness Center    
I agree about the Birth Services/Midwifery Services being a bit general but I was concerned that Birth Center might be too limiting.  We very much want to serve the entire community.
Love it but when I googled it had so been done.  Sigh.  Dang.
Or how about going completely off track and doing something like   Just For You Birth Center (birth services, midwifery services)?  
I'm not sure but I thought a zen garden was just sand and stones and maybe a bit of greenery?
What do you all think about:   Bud to Blossom Birth Services (or Birth Center)   too long??? or just Blossom Birth Services (or Birth Center)  Bouquet Birth Services   And do you think it needs to be called BIRTH CENTER or does Midwifery or Birth Services work even if it is a birth center also? 
New Posts  All Forums: