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I was just wondering if there has ever been a study of breastfed babies and how soon they potty train? All of my boys have been breastfed and I was surprised at how quickly they potty trained because everyone told me how hard it was to potty train boys. Just musing.
I'm just curious as to how many of you out there have run into resistance from their child's dr. about having a tongue-tie clipped? I found out when DS #2 was about 2 yrs. that he had a tongue-tie from my ex-ped. That's when I found out why DS and I had struggled so with latching on and nursing. The ped said it was no big deal and don't worry about it. I trusted his judgement because he had detected our DD's heart defect and knew that he was ultra-conservative. ...
Here's a suggestion: go to www.bobux.com and check out their shoes. A friend recommended these to me and I just ordered a pair for my DS. My friend raved about them; she said they were great for both of her sons. They are ped recommended and are supposed to allow room for the little ones foot to grow.
I love my Parents As Teachers educator and my boys love her visits. She comes once a month and brings an age appropriate activity and book and interacts with the boys. She also leaves info on your child's development (socially, emotionally, intellectually, gross and fine motor skills) and does the Denver screening at 6 mos. and then at every year birthday). She visits until your child is age 3, and yes, they have group sessions once every month and sometimes parent...
I would strongly recommend the video "It's Potty Time". You can buy it at www.onestepahead.com It worked with 2 of my boys and it has worked for a niece and a nephew and has been passed around to their friends as well. I don't know why it works, but the kids love it (as an adult, you feel like an idiot watching it and singing the songs to your kids).
Thanks - I've already posted at the vax site. I'm beginning to suspect the Prevnar. I'd hate to have to give up my soy - it's made such a huge difference in my overall health.
Hi - My DS is 10 1/2 mos. old. I started adding soy to my diet 3 mos. ago. DS had been ear infection free until 2 mos. ago when he had a Prevnar shot. I'm trying to determine if the soy to my diet or the Prevnar shot could be the culprit for his 4 back-to-back ear infections. Would there be enough components of the soy present in my milk to affect him?
I tell you what, we just took our 5 yr. old to our general dentist to discover that he has 7 cavities (and yes, we have brushed his teeth since he started getting them) and were given the option of taking him to a ped dentist but when I heard that I couldn't go back with him I decided against it. DS just went to have 2 of the cavities filled this afternoon with our dentist and did beautifully. I figured he'd freak when he saw the needle headed toward his mouth but he was...
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