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Quote: Originally Posted by sunnmama All kidding aside, that is a lot of stress over normal bodily functions! Could you talk to your dh about it? Tell him how embarassing the issue is for you, and ask him not to ever tease you about it? Maybe he has some words that might make you feel safer. If you drink, I would recommend a desensitizing "Beer and Bean Chili" night together, lol. If the beer and beans both do their jobs, you will pass gas and...
you know..i wish i could just do and be ok with it. it would take loads off my stress. we get in the car and i say to myself 'please oh please don't need to fart'. or if it has been a few days since i pooped and its DH's day off i think please of please don't have to go...yeah..i blame it on my mom lol. we would get in trouble if we used potty humor. i didn't say poop in front of my mom until i was grown. and even now if i say fart she gives me the "look"
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola So he was standing outside the women's room, and he could hear it through the door? Quote: Originally Posted by SAHDS Hold up. What do you mean you "went out"... does that mean your DH went into the ladies room with you??? out as in not home, we were at a friends house. he usually has to pee too...wow, i thought i was strange about not pooping/"backfiring" in front of him. turns...
Quote: Originally Posted by avivaelona Not only will you pee in front of your hubby without embarrassement but you will post the story on the internets without embarrassment I hear you though, I fart in front of him but its still just a teensy bit embarrassing, and I wish he would be more bashful about doing it in front of me...or anywhere in public! :: hush up! lol, no one knows meeee!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by DesireeH I wont poop if DH is home either. I try to mask farts too. LOL The first time it was a big deal to him..haha..he was like "HAHA, I heard you!!" Now I dont mind as much but there are certain times when I avoid it when he's around still (like right before we are about to do it or something.) Is that way TMI? LOL Are you like me with vacations? Do you hold it forever?! LOL yes! i come home with a belly...
Quote: Originally Posted by SarahGuinn Pretty girls don't do that. i say girls don't poop lol. Quote: Originally Posted by KMK_Mama I fart in front of my DH all the time. I got over that a LONG time ago! I'm sorry you are so mortified though! I find it funny that you have no problem peeing in front of him but are mortified with pooping and farting. i know i know lol. i am weird.
mkay..so i have a poop/fart phobia. don't do it in front of anyone! ever... well the other night we went out with some friends (kids home with a sitter) and i was drinking (buzzed, not wasted). well i had to pee and DH went with me, yes we are one of "those" couples lol. anyway...i farted when i peed. i just sorta ignored it and i know my face was RED. anyway, the next morning dh was all like "i heard you fart last night...hahahaha" mortified am i. seriously. i am just...
not in your DDC, but how awesome is that? me and my sil were pregnant together twice. our first (boy/boy) are 2 weeks apart and the second (boy/girl) and exactly 1 month apart.
ewwwwww. that stuff if HORRIBLE! it smells bad and the lipstick and glosses taste chemicaly and leaves a nasty aftertaste. DO NOT BUY!!! stay far far away.
i looked through craigslist. i went to about 8 interviews before i found someone. i meet them just me, then i let my kids meet them. all at a public place. i don't do a background check through. I do drive to thier house and get a copy of drivers liscence.
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