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<----- i am so original.
can't find this info anywhere and i need it super fast. TIA!
ima dip. i read all the books but i though the ages were books too and didn't check them
ima wuss. the first one freaked me the hell out. it took me almost a week to watch it. havent watched the second one yet, that one doesnt look that scarey
i love mexican coke. they have it at all the gas stations around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by holothuroidea The truth is, "policies" like these exist because most mothers do NOT want their baby to be in the same room as them. They want someone else to take care of their baby while they rest. How incredibly selfish is that? Most of the mothers I know (and in my family) have this point of view, I don't say anything... but secretly it makes my skin crawl. that is an incredibly rude statement. i know PLENTY of...
i was ready to say they are ugly until i clicked the link. WAY CUTE!!!!!!
in texas if the accept any funding from the state they have to allow non vaxed kids because public schools do..not sure the reasoning why, but i was freaked also and someone found the info for me. you may want to check and see if it applies in your state.
your 2yo will not suffer if you leave her (him? sorry, i don't know eek) overnight with daddy. your 2yo will not suffer without milkies. My son is almost 3 and nurses at least 7 times a day. if i'm not home he is fine. as soon as i get home he is asking though. and i have left him overnight with daddy a lot (sick grandparent this time last year, left him for 3 days and he never mentioned boobies to daddy) sounds to me like you maybe don't really want to go though. and i...
Hey Brother, Mkay, I know you think I talk out of my ass sometimes (harhar lol), but you know how important this is to me. I just want you to have all the right information to make and educated choice. I wish I had this info when ds1 was little. There is so much that you are not told when you are pregnant and have a baby. Please read this...there WILL be a pop quiz . JK...maybe. Please, you and gf both look at and read this. Here is a link to some...
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