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thanks!!!!! i am getting ready to send him and email. i'm gonna post here what I said. I am trying to do it as lovingly, tactfully and informative as possible. i want to keep it nuetral, no anti circ and pro circ.
well, i told him by the time he was old enough to know he looed differnet he would probably be to old to be looking at daddys penis..he just laughed it off and said his son would like it better
help me!!! i need links that mainstream (soon to be) parents will look at and retain the info. i have the video link sent to him. I was on the phone with him for 20 minutes trying to talk to him about it. he keeps saying he wants his son to look like him. i finally told him if he and his gf will look at the video and read the links i send him and he decides to do it i will shut up about it. i really in my heart believe that if his gf really gets the right info she will...
hope everything went well also. my thoughts are with you and your family today!!!
get a pedi and have them work on your ankles! that put my sis into labor.
i just finished watching clive barkers the plague. woohoo, that freaked me out.
my fave spot to kiss is the bottom of the feet. right under the toes so they sort of curl around your top lip. and the little tiny ankle bone!! that is the sweetest part of a baby to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by ledzepplon My guess would be ringworm, which is a fungal infection. ooohhh! if it is ring worm, break a fig leaf off and put the white goo on it. that stuff works miracles.
i know this is going to sound off the wall, but it looks like a yeast rash to me.
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