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what a bitch!
yes, and he was convicted. unfortunatly he died before they could sentance him. he didn't do anything to me, but to many of my cousins and aunt and uncles
me tooo!!! i blend it in the blender for about 2 minutes on high. the food processor just doesn't get it smooth enough for me.
pedophile or abuse. and even then i think i would still love him, or at least he would always have a place in my heart. he IS the father of my children.
we got weighed when we took him to the ER thursay, so i can say with confidence he is 29 lbs they didn't measure him, so i'm not sure how tall he is
Quote: Originally Posted by Mom2Wilmo thanks ladies everything has been cleaned up (I hope) but I am still making her sleep in her brother's room tonight far away from any windows. She told me that her Big Daddy (my dad who died before she was born) saved her from getting hurt. I think I am going to move her bed even after we get the window replaced. I don't know where we will put it b/c her room is really small but I'll figure something...
it makes me feel like i am coming out from under anesthesia. i get nauseated and shake really bad. mine lasted the whole time i was on it though.
i do. i'm not gonna waist even more water by flushing. sometimes i even hold it if i know i will be showering soon. DH hates that i do it though.
dude, he sucks my boob. i can so kiss him on the mouth. he gets angry when i kiss his cheek. he will grab my lips (think sammich) and give me a smooch.
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