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oh hun! i am so sorry! s
Quote: Originally Posted by Tygrrkttn Ummmm, , what if you don't Wear underwear.............. TK i don't even own a pair of underwear. i haven't worn them since i was like 15 i think. i don't even wear them with skirts. but i wear long skirts, nothing shorter than calf length Quote: Originally Posted by EvansMa My husband and I both go commando. It is my goal to get more people to understand the joy of not wearing any...
Cassie Woodson (dog now and one street I grew up on) not very pornish lol Princess Mink (cat when I was younger and another street we lived on)
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Purity♥Lake~ me too, and a southern country accent also bugs me, like nails on a chalkboard, but what is funny is that when I sing along to country songs, the twang in the song is so easy to imitate. I've never heard the American Girl song. One of my favorite country songs are 'Remember When' by Alan Jackson, and 'My Daughter's Eyes' by Martina McBride. bolding mine i don't think we would ever get along lol....
i use my mixer at least once every day, sometimes 2-3 times a day. i have no atatchments and i don't want any. i would recomend you getting a few extra bowls and paddle/whip/dough hook.
we where expecting our refund on the 10th, but since we filed with turbo tax we wont get it until june 13th. and we are getting the full amount.
we have a big gas grille, but i prefer charcoal. FIL gave it to us as a gift or we wouldn't have it. and i do all the grilling.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jessy1019 I agree with all of that . . . although the older guy I dated when I was 17 was 35! It was not a bad experience for me at all; it was the experience I needed to have at the time. I also don't think it would be terrible if they did decide to marry young. If it worked out for them, great, and if it didn't . . . well, that's what divorce is for. I would give them my blessing, if I were you. that is...
i don't answer his cell phone and i don't like it when he answers mine. they are not calling to talk to him, they are calling to talk to me. and vice versa. it bugs the crap out of me when i call someones cell phone and they don't answer it
read through this it will crack you up!
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