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can i get the Dallas List? TIA!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrsboyko Not me, bit i am jealous. Oh, and i totally have a spell checker on all the time. I jsut spelled jealous- jelous and it caught it for me!! : : :
ouch!!!! sometimes i get tiny splinters that have to fester before it will pop and i can get it out.
this is the first i have heard of the auto reply
Quote: Originally Posted by hillymum So I know I will probably be flamed big time, but threads like this leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I live in McMansion (5000+sqft) and love it. We used to have a 1000sqft rancher and we were totally miserable. I must be such a dreadful person though according to some of you. I thought using cloth diapers bought from and made by WAHM's then giving them away, giving all my son's outgrown (but still in EUC)...
i just scanned because it was getting a bit much too read. i can say that i know all about your MIL sewing table and the crap on it and that her fish tank smells like poo. sounds to me like you are looking for reasons not to go. if you don't want to go, just don't. easy as pic. stop holding your child over their heads with a my way or the highway mentality. when someone disagrees with you, you add more details to your side of the story to get them to side with you....
Quote: Originally Posted by NYCVeg Raisins are the spawn of Satan. gotta agree with that. i hate them. don't buy them because they skeeve me out
we did a magnolia tree. planted it 2.5 years ago and before it broke in half it was about 6 feet tall. now it is about a foot tall and about as big around as a quarter.
i tried to watch and it says it was removed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stace Maybe that's how your jurisdiction is run, but my DH is a cop and he gives out tickets for accidents all the time. His department doesn't determine fault, they leave that up to the insurance companies, but they do have to write reports and can indeed hand out tickets. maybe so, but how can he give a ticked it he can't determine who is at fault and needs one? and here they don't HAVE to write a report if you...
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