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n/m reread post
i am knitting a thing!! i just learned to knit last night and I am so excited I havent learned to purl, although I did it a few times on accident, or to tie off so I am just gonna keep making a long thing till my next lesson. ~S
what a great birth story. how much did he weigh? ~S
can i use dr bronners as the gentle soap? I don't know what is gentle
thank you
i have some lansinoh and that is it lol. i vaguly remember from a previous thread, but I can't find it. thanks, ~S ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW NEW so, i lanolized them. are they supposed to be sticky?
i voted yes as long as it's not judge judy, that lady makes me cry and i'm not even on there!
what sweet dh you have
I'm glad they left all you hanging . I missed it Sunday and so I gett o catch up. We live in the land before TIVO, so I need the real thing baby. ~S
reece!! he cracke me up
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