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I just came upon this thread. Dear Nancy Plent, who is mentioned earlier up thread, recently passed away.
Praying for you and your kids!
I don't have an iphone, but don't you have to buy apps through the itunes store? couldn't you just call apple, or go to the apple store, and have them moved to a new iphone? Just buy yourself a new one and let him try to sell it empty.   I dunno. This seems to me not worth getting your undies in a twist over. If it's so damn important to him, use it to gain leverage over something you DO want.
I know several people who use Dr. Parchment and LOVE her. One had a VBAC at mountainside with her in ... September? If you're not happy, switch. I love my doctor, but he's with Summit Medical Group and it's the same deal as with Avalon (not to mention, he delivers at St. Barnabas which is like a 3rd world country IMHO).
Not sure if this belongs here or in Learning at School.....   I'm looking for an educational advocate who can go with me to the IEP meetings. I want to say I heard about them on this forum, but it was before I needed it.   Basically I need someone who can help me stay focused on implementing the 504 accommodations and what services are required to be provided but the school district can 'fudge' on not providing. Am I making any sense?   Child has a bully for...
So glad to "see" you again too! I always worry about posters who kinda disappear. Hope you're doing well.
Oh the ways your x loves to torture you! Just when you think he's done trying to figure out how to control you, he comes up with this. I am SO SORRY you were upset by the sharing of information you thought you'd like to be able to be the one to tell your kids. But add me to the group that thinks meepycat has good suggestions.   Hang in there honey. Don't let this turkey get you down.
BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! May you and J have many, many happy years together!
Congratulations! May you all have many, many happy years together!
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