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i was thinking about getting rid of ours but i'm so glad i didn't. it is a great place to sit and nurse. we have ours between two windows in a corner and now DS2 (6mo) LOVES it when we sit there and he can look out the window.
i really needed to read this today. i've been leaning towards unschooling, but what has held me back is that DS will have to return to public school either next year (7th) or 8th. this gives me all kinds of hope.
his activity level has soared since he started crawling, playing, etc. i think it sounds totally normal. as long as he isn't lethargic and is having plenty of BMs and wet diapers i think there is nothing to worry about it.
Life of Fred looks awesome and exactly the kind of thing he would love. Thank you!
i'm homeschooling my 6th grade son for at least a year, maybe two. i need him to stay up to date so that when he does return to school he isn't super far behind. he is very good at math but doesn't really like it all that much. his real passions are reading, writing, and music. i don't know if i would be better off getting my hands on a 6th grade math textbook and working with him through that or if there is something i am missing, some (cheap) curriculum that would...
Quote: Originally Posted by PoppyMama If you haven't enrolled him for the upcoming year yet you don't need to do anything. If you have all you need to do is go into the office and fill out a withdrawal form (no matter what they say). SA has an eclectic/unschoolers group that you might be interested in. I'll send you the link to their email list in the next couple of days. Is he going to do any teams this year? I think I'm going to put C. in the Texas...
so, DS' dad was okay with the HS idea. it looks like we are going for it! i need to figure out exactly what i need to do WRT contacting his school and unenrolling him. i've also been thinking a lot about what curriculum/approach i want to do. i think i fall under the "eclectic" category.
thank you all for the responses so far! the baby is napping so i will type quickly and get in what i can before he wakes up. what are my motivations? part of it is that i will be home with the baby this year so i can actually do it for the first time ever. i share custody with DS' dad and he is gone on the weekends, i am in grad school 2 nights a week so i feel like i don't get enough real quality time with my son and this would take care of that. but also my son...
long story short, i will be a SAHM/part-time grad student this year (and possibly next) and then will have to get a job. i have a newborn and a DS entering 6th grade. i am strongly considering HSing my older son while i am home. he is very inquisitive, highly motivated to learn about things that interest him, and has shown some interest in HSing. from what i understand, i live in an area with a large HS community and one of my closest friends has been HSIng her three...
oops! meant that to be its own thread! sorry!
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