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(((Laurie))). (((Krisalyn))).
Congratulations, Laurie! Welcome, little one!
Laurie, you have done a great job of visually documenting your pregnancies. I imagine that this is an especially meaningful gift for a third child.
I should clarify that a one-year-old's tantrum doesn't irritate me. A four-year-old whining, crying and screaming still drives me up the wall. Check in with me in three years and I might be cured of that, too.
Hi guys, I’ve missed you all, but I seem to have suddenly and magically lost all interest in the rest of MDC. I think it’s a sign that I’m moving on to a different, baby-free, stage of life. Like Bears, I’m unphased by the tantrums, so much so that I almost don’t notice them. If I stop to think about it, ds does all kinds of things that would have driven me batty with his sister (biting, climbing, throwing heavy objects with deadly aim, peeing with intent to harm),...
I tested weekly for the first four weeks, which I think is more often than usual, but would have been worth it if me and my doctor had been better equipped to understand the changes in my results (TSH becomes less important once you are on PTU and FT4 becomes the more significant value if I remember correctly-definitely something to check out, the folks at the mediboard can help you with that kind of info). You might want to avoid sweets, particularly chocolate while...
It is icky. I had a perma bad taste in my mouth when I was taking it. As for how long you will be on it, it could be weeks, it could be years. I responded really quickly and was very soon over-medicated. Test, test, test in the beginning! Check out the mediboard They are the experts (and you will notice that there is a sticky for pregnant hypers). There is also a yahoo group that I found invaluable. The people there helped me self-wean after my doctor went...
Check it out.
Thanks for starting us off. I'm starting to identify myself as the September mom that I actually am. I keep on heading for the September 04 chat. Christine, I gasped when I saw the newest pictures. The boys have gotten so big, especially Ben. The morning shot of the two grumpies is priceless. Regarding Christmas, I am trying to keep my expectations realistic. A tree, some decorations, a few presents, and some baking. Voilà.
Daphne's already four months old? Time flies.
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