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A toy broom or umbrella stroller are my favourite gifts for one-year-olds.
My friend had consistently good haircuts, so I asked her if I could go see her stylist. A lot of her friends did the same.
Find a stylist who has a vision for you. It's so much easier. I tell my hairdresser that I want to grow my hair longer, and she does the rest.
While I'm here, I thought that I'd sneak in another question. If I've published non-fiction and poetry, but not short fiction, is it relevant to mention past publications in my cover letter?
I posted a question yesterday about manuscript format, which I eventually sorted out on my own. Today's question is about word count. If I use my word processor, my short story has 3108 words. If I go by pages, assuming 250 words per page, my short story has an approximate word count of 4000 words. So, do I put 3000 words, 3,100 words or 4,000 words? And does 4,000 really need a comma? Help!
I see now that I'm not supposed to justify. Thanks anyway!
Re: manuscript format Does a manuscript (in this case, for a short story) need to be justified or left aligned? My instincts are failing me.
When you go to work, are you calm and confident with her or are you apologetic and guilt-ridden? She might be getting a vibe from you, for instance, when you cut your sleep short to spend more time with her, that the situation is less than ideal, that daddy is not a competent caregiver, that she should be with mommy all the time. Sometimes children can be very sensitive. If you have misgivings about the situation, they can usually tell. When you go to work, don't tell her...
Congratulations on finding a new place! Most of the issues you have been struggling with seem to have very little to do with Gentle Discipline and everything to do with Mindful Home Management. Have you checked out that forum?
Quote: Poor baby!! I think she's probably teething, and she's getting ready to walk. Sounds like you know what's up!
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