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Thanks for getting us started in our new forum, Laurie. So, is the consensus that there is no way to night nurse comfortably? I've delayed feeding, but I've never refused. Hmm. Our birthday festivities were really fun. The little one was pleased with his balloons and streamers. The only thing that he didn't like was being the centre of attention. He didn't like opening presents. I'd heard about kids like that and always thought it was so strange, especially compared...
I was wondering what line of work your hubby was in and if it was affected by the storm. If anything, there should be more of a demand for the local paper! Today I will be making cupcakes and blowing up balloons. My little guy is one going on twenty (we caught him this morning trying to put on his own diaper and then his own shoes -- he wanted to go outside and we were too slow for his taste). I have a major co-sleeping, night-nursing pain in the neck. Does anyone...
Christine, thanks for checking in. I'm so sorry to hear that your friends are missing.
I'm keeping up with the news, paying particular attention to Mississippi. Thinking of you and your family, Christine. We use Bummis covers, prefolds and some Fuzzibunz, too. I unearthed dd's old Bummis training pants for ds to wear, but they are too small for him. I can't believe that I wasted precious closet space saving them. My little guy headbutts when he's angry. And he bites. On Sunday, he bit his first non-family member, a child, luckily, a second child. A...
Quote: He zipped around most of the afternoon on the motorized ATV (for babies/toddlers) my mother bought him. :LOL
Quote: I always tell people who are afraid of natural childbirth, wisdom teeth hurt WAY more. Are you serious? It would seem that I lucked out in the wisdom teeth department, but not in the birthing.
Happy Birthday, Thomas and be safe, Christine and company. No AF here, and very grateful.
Yeah, definitely a new forum for next month.
New Posts  All Forums: