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No, it's sixth disease, more commonly known as roseola or three-day-fever. Your oldest hasn't had it?
Quote: k ladies, some more of you need to join me over here in prego land!!! Thanks, but no thanks! I'd rather live vicariously through you, if you don't mind.
Oh, I almost forgot. In the heat of the moment, plug it up. Give them water or milk to drink with a straw. Tell them that this drink is to help them feel better. It often distracts and at least provides some reprieve.
Hmm. I'm the mom of a mostly reformed screamer. Not sure if I have any advice, but I couldn't read ScotiaSky's post without voicing my support. We live in an apartment, too. Last year, when my daughter was on a screaming rampage, a total stranger who lived on the street behind our back alley came to ask what was going on. Not a high point in my parenting career. Now that my daughter is almost four, we can talk about acceptable ways to express anger and disappointment....
I think that people expect kids to be dirty, but babies to be clean. I know I do a double take when I see a muddy baby. Maybe the comments will lessen in the coming year.
Teaks, good to see you! (((Katje))) Cheryl, I hear you on the one year blues. Hadn't heard the term before, but I know the feeling. When I got it my first time around, I quit working. This time, I'm thinking about going back to work. I see it as an impetus for change. Anyone's nurslings newly voracious? My little guy has been having these marathon sessions, nursing with wild abandon, whereas before he wouldn't nurse in our living room, let alone in public. I find...
Oh, and that was your 666th post.
(((Christine))) I don't like to talk on the phone while I'm with the kids, either. I was wondering about you. What happened to your plans to continue school? Are they on hold? When you were pregnant, you had access to childcare and were part of an interesting adult environment. Switching from that to being home all day with two of your own kids and one or two of someone else's, that's freakin' tough. More later. I'm on story duty.
What's yours? I'm especially interested in those that don't involve books. Not to say that 1 yo ds isn't interested in books, he is; he'd just rather throw them than read them.
I know that this is not meant to be a funny thread, but the expressions "parenting pow-wow" (we have them, too!) and "family salute" have me giggling. I consider this past year a total write-off. I can't believe how violent and ugly the atmosphere was in our home. I had no idea that I had such a bad temper. I guess that I was basically an easy-going, happy person until I had a three-year-old. But I am confident that we are coming out of it. Instead of yelling daily,...
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