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Have you tried the Siblings Without Rivalry approach? Pay attention to the victim, tell her that "Poking is not okay.", ask her if she is feeling better, take her to another room. Don't engage with your son. Don't give him your full attention. This tip has really helped me a lot with the "skooching" problem (love the name, by the way). I know an eight-year-old who still skooches babies, so I was particularly afraid of it becoming a long-term problem.
When I started taking betablockers, the prescribing doctor had me phone the Motherisk's Home Line I don't know whether or not you're in Canada, or even if that matters or not, but this clinic, or something like it in your area, might be worth a try. I would also be interested to know whether or not you've started treatment with an ATD. If so, I might be tempted, in your position, to skip the betablocker and monitor your heart closely, avoiding any exertion, trying...
Does your dd ever do anything that reveals her lack of experience in a cute rather than annoying way? For instance, I recently found my soon to be 4yo dd trying to dry ice cubes with a napkin. She had no idea that ice is frozen water. This is a non-irritating, helpful image of her that I can carry with me to remind myself that there is so much basic stuff that she doesn't know and that she won't know for years to come, which in turn can help me temper my expectations....
Anyone want to share their "going" songs?
We have a walker! Ds took his first steps yesterday.
Congratulations from yet another person who has had her fingers crossed for you for a long time.
Quote: He loves to be in control - even in the smallest ways it really helps. I think that this is what I really need to keep in mind. We all have our blindspots as parents, this one's mine.
Isn't four the magic number, as in "four wet diapers a day"? Less than that and dehydration can be an issue. I probably shouldn't be posting on this thread. My son goes through fourteen hundred diapers a day.
Are you in the midst of a heat wave? Is his temperature running high? The few times that I have gone to change the baby and found him dry, those were the reasons why.
New Posts  All Forums: