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Quote: For my oldest daughter's fourth birthday I took her to DIsneyland. She looked at me and told me with the straightest face "This is the happiest day of my life" :LOL
My little guy is on the verge of toddlerhood. In the past week, he has started to cry and headbutt me when it's time to go inside. I need a refresher course in toddler parenting, beginning with transitioning tips. What techniques do you use to get your child from one place to another, the park to home, for instance, without a meltdown? My daughter spent most of her second year tantruming and I'm hoping to have more tricks up my sleeve this time around.
I like an active life, too, with lots of outings. I don't think that this is a problem. I'm confident that my spirited child does not want to spend more time at home. I seem to remember realizing at some point that I was good at scheduling outings for dd, but not so good at fitting in downtime, and that I was expecting too much of her when I wanted her to sort herself out at home. I started setting up one calming activity for her, e.g., playdough, water, marbles when...
Wow, I can really relate to your story. Thanks for posting it.
Quote: This is such a stressful time and the focus really needs to be on getting through it with everyone's dignity intact. I think that I might copy this out and post it on my fridge! It really makes me feel better about the day I just had with my three-year-old and baby.
There is a difference between CIO and not crying ever. Our children are going to cry. It's not our job to keep them constantly happy -- that would be impossible. It sounds like you did what you needed to do. You had to set a new limit. It was hard for both of you, but she survived, and you did too. I think you did a good job.
I see that Daphne has made an appearance. Congratulations!
Could it be? Our babies are turning into toddlers. A new thread for a new month.
They're one, or almost. Some of our babies, mine included, were more reluctant to be born than others. My brother had a baby last week. Ds seems monstrously huge next to his new cousin. Funny how that happens. Kate, I thought that you were in Ireland and that was why you hadn't been posting. Panic attacks don't sound good. Christine, happy belated birthday! 25 is a great age.
New Posts  All Forums: