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Wow, Chiromom! I've been waiting to read your birth story ever since you first announced your decision to go unassisted. I'm really happy for you. Take care of yourself and enjoy your little one!
I don't have anything to add to the discussion of whether or not you should lie about your LMP, but I do want to say that when an "overdue" client is transferred to an OB's care, it doesn't automatically mean induction. You can refuse induction. There will of course be enormous pressure, but it's not mandatory or anything.
Thought I would chime in with some names that are popular here in Quebec. Dali for a girl. (My friend's daughter's name is Dali-Anne). Océane (also for a girl, this one is French in origin) Ophélie (gaining in popularity) Azélice (a take on Alice, which is popular both in French and in English) Charlotte Ariane Sandrine For a boy, Alaric, Lucio, Domenic (not so much that these are popular, more that these are names of three little boys on my street). If dd...
What a big step! Congratulations!
I have started shamelessly using snacks. It takes dd out of limp protester mode.
Wow, I can't believe you're worried about it at 5.5 months. I guess I think that it's a given that you don't want sex at that point. I know there are exceptions, but they are just that: exceptions! Anyway, I was just telling a friend today that the next time I have a child, I'm going to give myself a good year of no sex before I start to worry. My dd is 16 mo and I just regained interest a couple of months ago.
Here's a link that might help you prepare for a surgical birth: http://www.birthlove.com/free/anatomy.html Edited to say that I guess you have to be a birthlove member to access the articles on keeping power in a c/s. I haven't had a c/s, but if I were to, I would insist that my dh stick to the baby like glue. I would want him to warm the baby with his body (no isolette). I would want him to refuse the eye goo and the Vit K. I would want him to stay at the...
Hi Pema's Father. I'm sorry to hear that you and your wife are in this stressful situation. Two weeks ago, my SIL had a c-section. Her baby was complete breech because of a heart-shaped uterus. I've been reading up on her condition and on c-sections in general, as well as discussing her situation with fellow birth junkies. One friend, an unassisted birther with great confidence in the birthing process, had a really interesting viewpoint. She felt that my nephew was...
EnviroBecca, are you charting your temps?
Mamaduck, you crack me up.
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