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Jeans are the one thing I splurge on. Cheaper ones always gap in the back and don't fit right. I now own Joe's Jeans, True Religions, and MEKs that fit me great. I got the True Religions at the outlet mall, and saved a ton.
Good luck. There's no way we could do a lot of what you are doing. I admire your strength. I like to shop, and I admit it.
I'm in AZ, so it doesn't get too cold here, but we have lots of pollution. We are keeping dd in on days of high pollution as we think it is a trigger for her asthma. It's been hard on her, she loves to ride her bike and scooter with her brother. It's also been a little bit colder than usual, and that may also be bothering her lungs right now. She's on controller meds and rescue meds as needed, but we are still having issues keeping her asthma under control.
My ds is on Singulair, and it has been amazing for him. He rarely needs rescue meds for his asthma even when he has a cold. Before he was on Singulair we had a trip to the ER because his attack was so bad. I wish Singulair worked as well for dd. Her asthma has been much more difficult to get under control. We're still trying to figure out her triggers and there have been lots of changing of meds. She hasn't needed to be hospitalized, but she has been missing lots of...
Here is a website that lets you listen to different lung sounds. This one is wheezing. It's a high pitched sound when either breathing in (inspiratory) or breathing out (expiratory).
I only judge when it's someone's first post and it's out there. You can all judge me, I've been here since 2002 and I'm still not a senior member.
Just because you can't hear a wheeze, doesn't mean she's not wheezing. A doc or nurse can hear faint wheezes with a stethoscope, that's still wheezing. If you wait until they are audibly wheezing, like across the room that is bad. Believe your doctor when they say they hear wheezing and treat it, please. Some kids also don't wheeze they just cough with their asthma. My ds does this. He'll also seem perfectly fine playing while he is coughing and retracting. Just because...
I hope you gave the meds to your kids who were wheezing. You really don't want to mess around with respiratory problems. Kids with asthma can go bad fast.
Thanks to this thread I just bought some new shoes. I'm going to try some Keens. I hope I like them. They look cute and comfortable. I can't wait to get them.
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