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I don't own a true winter coat. I wear a fleece jacket when it gets into the low 50s or lower. I live in AZ so it rarely gets colder than the 40s. My kids have winter jackets but only wear them when we go up north to play in the snow. They wear jackets or hoodie sweatshirts normally.
I am. PM me for info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magella You can see a ped. neurologist to rule out seizures. I will be making an appt to see a neuro, thanks.
Ds1 has been experiencing facial tics for a couple of months now. He is 7. He opens his mouth in a stretching type motion. He seems to do it more if he is stressed or upset. I took him to the ped about a month ago and she said it was likely benign facial tics, and that it could take up to a year for them to go away. I'm concerned that it could be the beginning of Tourette's. I'm debating on taking him to a ped neuro or just watching and waiting. His other...
Quote: Originally Posted by mybabysmama Can you please give me info on rebirthing? Our adopted baby (3 months yesterday) loves her baths. Yet when I take her out, she gets REALLY upset. The last couple times I wondered if it had something to do with the birthing process. She was just another hospital birth with meconium. The birthmom was so sad to be placing that she didn't want to see her so she went to the nursery right away. Although the nurses...
We drink lots of propel flavored water here. My kids love it, and so do I.
Still worried about your dd, hope everything is OK.
Good luck with the job search.
Right now I'm :yawning: and wish I was . I don't drink so that won't help. Maybe it's time to break out the Dr. Pepper.
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