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I'd probably end the friendship or just let it fade away. I have a hard time with racist people, and I don't want my kids to be around people like that either.
All three of my kids are on the smaller side. Some of it is genetics, I'm 5"3" and my mom is only 4'11. As long as my kids are on the chart, even if it's at the 3rd percentile I don't really worry about it. It's when they drop off the chart that I start to get more concerned and have looked into possible reasons. Both of my boys have done this with their weight and have seen a ped GI. My 7 yo is still not quite back onto the chart, but is now just under the 3rd...
We love the American Girl stuff here. Dd has some dolls and reads the books. We saw the Kit movie last weekend, and loved it.
Does anyone know if the birthmark is higher up on the back if it could still be related to a tethered cord? My dd who is 9 has had a fairly large red birthmark on her back since birth, and as she has gotten older the birthmark has gotten larger. It's also not midline, it's off to the right side of her back. She has had chronic constipation issues for years, and this would possibly expain why she says she can't feel the urge to go.
Quote: Originally Posted by pookel Do you limit your friendships to mamas whose names start with U? OMG, I didn't even notice that until you mentioned it. I'll have to find some non U mama friends too.
I'm actually surprised to see this poll on MDC. I have two Coach bags. One I bought from the Coach store in Chicago, and one I got at a Coach Outlet. I really like them. They are really well made, and cute. If I was to get another bag I would go back to the outlet. They have tons of cute bags there and at halfway decent prices. I just wish there was an outlet near me. The closest outlets are in CA or Las Vegas.
I've always liked UUMom and Unschoolma. I also love USAmma, she's a great IRL friend. :
Dh had a vasectomy a year after our third was born. I agreed to it at the time because he wanted to be done after 2, and he eventually agreed to have one more. I also thought I didn't want to be pregnant again. Our youngest is now 4, and lately I have been wanting to have another baby. I'm not sure if I'll be able to convice dh to have a reversal, but I hope he'll at least consider it.
I left my nursing 17 month old home with dh and went on a weekend trip to Vegas. He was fine the whole time I was gone, but he did want to nurse as soon as I got home. I would think a 2 yo could handle one night away from mama, but you have to do what you are comfortable with.
Hi. I haven't been on this thread in awhile. It looks like it's been busy with lots of students. I also see that there are lots of midwife students here too. Just wondering if there are any NPs here. I am a pediatric nurse and I'm considering going back to school to be a pediatric NP. The program I'm considering is part time and is a DNP program. I have three kids ages 4, almost 7, and almost 9. Next fall, when I would hopefully start the program all of the kids...
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