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I wear scrubs to work since I work in a hospital. When I'm home I'm usually in yoga pants and t-shirts. I usually put on jeans and a nicer shirt when I go out of the house.
My youngest had his Crocs taken last summer. There was a pair of knock offs in the exact same color and size left instead. When I tried to get him to wear the other pair he knew right away that they weren't his shoes. He did eventually wear them because we never did get his Crocs back. I think from now on I'm going to write my kids names on their Crocs, since they are so common around here.
Hi and welcome to MDC. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm also a nurse, but can't work in OB because of the circ issue. Instead I work in pediatrics. I still get to take care of babies, but I don't have to assist in circs or deal with parents who want it done.
My youngest is selectively vaxed. We did one HIB after he turned 12 months and skipped Prevnar.
DS1 did this a lot at age 3 to 4. I never knew what would set him off either. It was beyond frustrating for everyone. We ended up having him evaluated and he had sensory issues that were causing most of his meltdowns. At age 6 he still has the occassional meltdown, but he has vastly improved from when he was 3.
My 6 yo has FTT and he's had lots of tests done and we still don't have a diagnosis. The only thing we know for sure is that he has sensory issues. We are on our second GI specialist, and we've also seen an endocrinologist. I don't think we'll ever know if something else is going on or not.
I took Nikolas back to the ped today. He's been wheezing off and on for almost a week, and we've been using the xopenex quite a bit. The ped upped his pulmicort dose to 0.5mg twice a day. He'd been on the 0.25mg respules. I'm hoping this helps and we can finally get him off the xopenex for awhile, well at least until his next cold.
Nikolas was diagnosed with asthma a couple of months ago after two colds back to back had him wheezing. He is now on singulair and pulmicort daily and xopenex as needed when he gets wheezy. I think the singulair is what is really helping him right now. He is doing much better since he started on it.
My feet are always cold unless it's really hot out, so I wear socks to bed from November through March.
New Posts  All Forums: