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Quote: Originally Posted by my3peanuts How severe does FTT have to get before they'd do a tube? That's my worst fear honestly. It depends on the doc. My 6 yo is still FTT and we've never done a tube. Right now what is helping him is Periactin (an appetite stimulant) and carnation instant breakfast in whole milk. He recently gained 2 lbs. in 2 months, and this is huge for him.
Quote: Originally Posted by ktbug So, I've been wondering while reading this thread: Where do the Wonder Pets fit in? They're superheroes, but they're nonviolent. Sure, they're not as ubiquitously marketed as, say, Spider-man, but the merch is out there. I guess it's a stupid question; most grade schoolers would be worried about getting beat up if they wore a Wonder Pets shirt to school. But the philosophical question stands. Where do they fit into...
There is a similar ban on "violent" characters at my ds2's preschool. It is a Christian preschool if that matters. They allow characters like Dora, Diego, Thomas and princesses, but not Batman, Spiderman, Power Rangers, etc. I guess I never even considered it was unfair to allow the princesses and just ban the superheroes, but everyone is right it is unfair to the boys. Nik has a Diego backpack, but I'm sure if he would have had his pick he would have picked something...
Hi and welcome to MDC. I hope you like it here. I'm also from AZ.
I am so sorry
I started late (right after I turned 14). I think I was 5'1" at the time, and grew a couple of inches taller after that. I'm now almost 5'3" and have been since I was 16 or 17. My mom started at age 10 and didn't grow much after, she is 4'11". I'm hoping dd doesn't start hers until later so she has a chance to grow some first. Right now if she stays on the same growth curve she'll maybe hit 5'0".
My 6 year old is still in a Marathon. He's around 44" and no where near the weight limit. I plan on passing the Marathon down to his brother soon.
My older two started school on the 13th. Kacey's first day of 3rd grade Lucas' first day of 1st grade My youngest started preschool last Friday. Nikolas' first day of preschool
Fancy $200 jeans (even though I have cute jeans from Old Navy that fit fine) A BMW convertible An inground pool (we are finally getting one this year, a pool is practically a necessity here in AZ) A vacation house on a beach or a lake somewhere
My dd does have more shoes than the boys do. She has: Crocs 4 pairs of Old Navy flip flops Brown sandals Tennis shoes 2 pairs of canvas tennies like converse Skechers Cali Gear (like Crocs but has a velcro strap) She sometimes gets a pair of dressier shoes or boots in the winter My boys have: Tennis shoes Crocs Sandals Flip flops
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