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I have a Nissan Quest that has two captian's chairs in the middle and a bench for the third row. When my youngest was still in an infant seat we had him in one of the captian's chairs and my two older kids in the back row. We took out one of the captian's chairs so we could get to the back row easier. We've also had the two younger in the back row and my oldest in a booster in one of the captian's chairs. Right now my two older are in the back row. My dd is in a...
My 3.5 yo also doesn't like to do the back float. He will jump in and dive to the bottom to get rings, but will stay on his back for a brief time before he tries to roll over. He doesn't have sensory issues. My 6 yo, who does have sensory issues, at 3.5 would do the back float fine, but didn't like to put his face into the water. He wasn't comfortable with putting his face into the water until he was closer to 4. Maybe just some kids don't like the feeling of...
Quote: Originally Posted by wendy1221 How much Benefiber are you giving. I have tried different fibers in the past, maybe I wasn't giving enough. I really would like to get him off the Miralax, I just don't know what else to use. I have been giving her 1 tbsp of Benefiber a day. This dose seems to be working well for her.
Thanks for the info. I think I saw one of your earlier posts about Miralax and so I checked out the yahoo group. I took my dd off of Miralax a couple of weeks ago. So far things are going fine, we are using Benefiber. I'm glad to finally have her off of the Miralax after over two years on it.
That's great news! I'm glad he did so well in the hospital. I hope he continues to do well.
I have to take PALS for the first time, and I'm a little nervous about it. I wasn't required to have PALS when I worked on a peds floor before I had my kids. I've been out for awhile and took a refresher course, and my new job requires PALS before I can start orienting on the floor. I guess I should start studying now.
It sounds like you've got some great ideas to help Abi. Good luck with the counseling.
Hi OakBerry, you can check your state board of nursing to see if you need to take a refresher course or not. It should also list the refresher courses it accepts. I'm in AZ and our board requires 960 hours of working as an RN in 5 years in order to keep your license current. I'd been out for 8 years so I took an online refresher course. I finish my clinical later this month, and I start my new job May 7. I hope you start to feel better soon.
I'm going to be working on a pediatrics floor. I'll be working 12 hours shifts 6:45pm to 7:15am. I like how it's quieter at night without all the docs and visitors around. I'll just need to find a way to get enough sleep during the day.
I just accepted a new job where I'll be working 2 nights a week. I've been out of nursing for 8 years being a SAHM, but I recently took an RN refresher course. I haven't worked night shift since I was a new grad, so I'm sure it will be an adjustment. Congratulations to all of the new grads! Good luck.
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