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Tese people have their heads in the wrong place.
I used to have this saved but it has disappeared?  It was a good resource to use at Doctor's appts. and I really would like to access it again.  I tried googling but they've hidden it or something?  I'm so annoyed.
My last few kids nightweaned around age 2. It seems impossible; it seems like it's never going to happen, until it happens! I did have to make the decision and push it for a few/ several nights but at two they seem to be able to understand the new situation, even if they aren't thrilled about it.
My son would have been 17 on the 3rd of September. No it isn't getting better. I smile, I laugh, I go about life, and cry only when I am alone. No one knows what it's like unless it has happened to them. I'm sorry, op.
I'm paying out of pocket for mine; the first $3000 I paid from selling stuff on ebay but the last $500 went on Mastercard because I'm a slacker this past month, oops. Oh well, I will just have to make a little more to pay that off (with interest.) We'll see how well that works with a new baby here, uhoh.
I've had a placenta in my freezer for nearly 3 years and it's about to be joined by another within the next few weeks. Not sure where the pair of them will end up. My midwife was all for encapsulating this one but no, thanks. And I am not carting it around with the baby either, I'd probably drop one or the other.
I had back labor with my second baby and it was awful! Then he turned or moved somehow, all of a sudden, no more back labor, and voila, not half bad! Then transition a while later, awful again, but at least at that point you know you are near the end, and it's not unexpected, and soon you are pushing and it's "not bad" again. Of course everyone is different so that's an EXTREME generalization but not too off-base for most, I think.
Congratulations! I had 4 boys in my 20s and then was done... until surprise! a baby girl 9 years after the last boy, at 36... and wouldn't it be nice if she had a sister, so I had another baby at 39, who turned out to be a boy... and now, I'm 42, and I'm due in two weeks with boy number 6.... hahaha! No sisters for my girl; I'm not doing this at 45...
Everyone is different, but for me even early on, my joints start to loosen up; so it is easier to turn my ankle if I step wrong, or sprain (and possibly break) something if I fall. So that is a consideration. I think it is very unlikely you'd fall in such a way that the baby could be harmed, but if you injure YOURSELF and need an xray, painkillers, (or, heaven forbid, surgery) during pregnancy, THAT would be upsetting. I know it's unlikely but the possibility would...
This article (pertaining to baby carriers) has a bit in it about baby positioning and what happens to the curve of their spine when on their backs: http://www.sleepywrap.com/Research/uprightposition.pdf Seems a little unnatural to me to put them on their backs (unless it's the rare baby who does seem most comfortable that way.) I have kids from age 21 on down to "not quite born yet." When my first two were born, if you let them sleep on their back people thought...
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