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my favorites are http://www.mcphee.com/shop/categorie...&sort=featured http://www.stupid.com
Quote: Originally Posted by MyTwoAs Does your son have a history of seizures? No - he's mildly Aspie, but nothing else. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I guess we'll see what the pedi says.
My 7yo DS told me yesterday that sometimes he "can't stop looking" at something, and that after a little while (15 seconds, maybe?) of being stuck that way, a deep voice "comes into" his brain and says "you're going to die when you are 17." s That usually snaps him out of it, he says. But then he told me that when he's starting to get stuck, he will sometimes slap himself in the face so that the voice doesn't say anything to him. Needless to say, this freaked me...
Ok, I always thought that first part was "I needed someone to FEEL"...
I buy off Amazon as well. If you get something that is on sale, and you do the 'subscribe & save' thing (extra 15% off), it can be a real bargain. I got a box of Cliff bars for .75 each after all was said and done. And a month's supply of Cormega squeeze packs for $15.
Connect Four was huge with my ds at that age! Also, when we burned out on some of the younger ones (like Candyland and Chutes & Ladders) we taught ds to play with an invisible friend we called 'Mr. Nobody.' DS would roll/spin and move for himself and for Mr. Nobody - and play alone for hours! DS is now 8 and still talks Mr. Nobody into games from time to time.
I'm sorry - I know you must be so stressed out and scared right now. One thing on the COBRA, though - our payment (my DH got laid off a few months ago) would have been $1200/month BUT we qualified for a reduction through the stimulus plan - now we're only paying $400, which is about what we were paying before. The form you have to fill out is called the ARRA, and the HR dept should send it to you with the COBRA paperwork. Good luck with everything!
Yeah - read the comments section on that article. Apparently this guy is a lobbyist for big oil. :
Thanks everyone! I was thinking 40%, but DH wanted to plan on 25%, so thank you all for helping me make him see reason! And we are seeing a tax acct, not an atty - sorry for my mixup!
My DS's situation is very similar - he tested out of 2nd grade at the beginning of K, and the attitude of the teachers & principal seemed to basically be, "Well, there's one less we have to worry about!" They did send him (along with two other fluent readers) to the reading specialist 2-3 times a month, where they would read 1st grade books as a group. The nice thing about K (at least in our case) was that the teacher gave DS extra center time while the small groups...
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