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My labors are quick and start out at ctx less than 2 minutes apart from the get go. Our 'out the door' depends on weather. If it's nice (as in the roads aren't ice covered) once my water breaks (has both times before) we'll hang out until my contractions start and then go out the door, shove the big kids out the van as we drive past my moms and **hopefully** make it to the hospital in time. If the roads are icky or it is supposed to snow as soon as my water breaks...
Oh my...I'd have a hard time saying no too...especially to my DD, she's in a KITTY phase right now (our computer background is a photo of a cat, she has to see her kitty and pet it every single day...) Ugh, so so sorry your neighbors put you in this position... I think the kitten would get used to the older cat and vice-versa... I wouldn't be able to tell my kids no if they brought it home either.
Gifts are one thing, IMO. If my kids get something for a birthday or Christmas that isn't my or their style (because my kids are 4 and 2, they don't have 'style' really) then I can return it and exchange it for something 'their style'. I had a relative give me a bunch of clothes for DS once, including a TON of SpongeBob and Spiderman and stuff shirts. Now, DS hates spongebob with a passion and I don't really go for the 'character' stuff as much (especially not violent...
They look like gnats? Dunno, they're so small it's hard to tell. Guess we'll try some drain cleaner...see if that helps. Usually it's only like 5 at a time and I've had some luck smacking them and killing them (occasionally) but they're still driving me insane.
LOL I'm avoiding the crowds by going to Theseans. I can just about bet there won't be more than a dozen people there. It's a farm supply store for goodness sake. The 'busy' section might be if they put Carharts or steel toed boots on sale Fingers xxed they have this on sale! DS wants it so badly!!!!
Okay I've been pouring bleach, boiling water and vinegar and baking soda (alternating every day, one day bleach, one day boiling water, one day vinegar and baking soda) down both sinks and the tub. And we still have gnats, here lately I've noticed them buzzing around my washing machine Any tips there? My washer is a HE washer so I don't know if I can pour it in the washer. Do I pour something down the drain itself (where the hose goes?) if so WHAT? Obviously I can't...
Depends on what kind of sale Thesans has It's a farm supply store but they have toys : there was this shopping center thingy that DS has told me several times he wanted (we were there buying something...can't recall now) and has repeated several times that he wants. It was $38...last year they had some sort of 25% off all toys if they do again I'm going to go get it for him.
off to the side it says the recommendations are no booster till 40lbs
He's not in the seat, he's in the built in for now. I've asked around at WIC about getting a free/discounted seat and all they have is the NEST program but I would have had to have signed up at the very beginning of my pregnancy to even hope to save up enough 'points' to get a seat. Plus there are requirements for 'points' I can't meet (childbirth preparedness courses, etc, DH works nights we only have 1 vehicle...if I were to take DH to work then he'd have to walk home...
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