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I'm going to ask my vet about a gel option, too.
pumpkin, so far I've only found the Greenies version. What else would you recommend? Oh, and harleyhalfmoon: Love that! :
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlin Pill poppers are great, and you don't have to stick it really far back in their throat. You can make your own with a small syringe too. Just cut the bottom off the syringe (the end where the needle would go, make sure the edges aren't jagged, and if there is a rubber stopper at the end of the plunger take that off too. Just put the pills into the end and use the plunger to pop them into the cat's mouth. Good...
Quote: Originally Posted by Motherto4 We use to raise sphynx cat and we used the pill giver thing. They will bite the crap out of you if you dont'. You just put it way in the back. Great description! Fortunately, for all of Mason's owly, he's never tried to hurt me, but I suspect if I keep stalking him to jam things down his throat, it's only a matter of time. I'll ask the vet about the pill giver thing--thank you! Other suggestions...
I know, I know, it's a joke waiting to happen, but I'm looking for suggestions! The vet's put Mason on antidepressants--half a pill twice a day. He refuses to swallow the half pill, probably because it's bitter, so I'm giving him a whole one in the evening until Wednesday, when we see the vet again. Here's what I've tried so far: Hold him upright, open his mouth, insert pill to back of throat, stroke neck until he swallows (he tucks the frickin' thing between his...
Yeah, a change in diet is probably the best thing you can do in terms of prevention. You might also talk to your regular vet about what s/he thinks is going on with Tigg--Mason's been having litter issues and the working theory is that he's stressed, so he's now on antidepressants, of all things.
Oh, Jilian, I'm so sorry! You're all in my prayers. (And, BTW, I'm sorry for not having sent your package--I needed to wait until I got paid and I'll ship it tomorrow.)
pleasantlyfurious, you are in my prayers.
Again, not Christmas, but we've got a few more fall birthdays and I thought you might like to see this. It's for Small Friend H, who's turning 8.
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