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One of my kids has a white "birthmark" on his thigh that showed up when he was a few months old. I thought it was odd as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by columbusmomma Tetanus is extremely rare in North American soil. I wouldn't worry. I have never heard this. Do you have some more information on this?
Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom Are you a current MDC member under a new name? Two generations on both sides of the family are completely unvaccinated? My thoughts exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Black Orchid I Honestly, I am fearful that I have Huntington's. I don't know why... I suppose I've been tracking these symtoms and then I accidentally came in contact with some info on Huntington's and I'm wondering if it is a sign or something. I guess I'm a little scared to confront that possibility and that is fueling my desire to avoid the doctor (?) . Huntington's is a hereditary thing and one of your parents...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dov'sMom The fact that the wheezing dropped in intensity right after that call was a huge factor in deciding to stay home. \ Just FYI, the fact that you can't hear wheezing anymore doesn't mean that his problems are better. In fact, that can be an indication things are worse. This is coming from a nurse. I don't take my kids to the dr for most things, but breathing difficulties is something you don't mess...
K.. thanks for the replies. I'm thinking I'm going to get her some gold earrings. But, all of the earrings she has worn say "hypo-allergenic".. whatever that means.
My 8 yr old (unvaxed) had her ears pierced about 7 weeks ago. Everything went fine until about a week ago when we removed her stud and now they are looking a little infected. I've been searching on the internet and see things about tetanus and ear piercing.. now I'm freaking out!! Is this a real concern? Please help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Morgana Just wanted to add to my comment and suggest that you look for organic/eco friendly baby boutiques in your area. The people working there should be able to recommend non-vax friendly docs to write an exemption for you. I wish there were something like that around here--if you lived here you would understand why I chuckled at the possiblity of there being an organic/eco friendly store in this town. VERY...
I seriously, seriously doubt there are any drs that would write medical exemptions.. they could get in a lot of trouble. It is very difficult to find a dr in this area that is anti-vax. Believe me, I have looked before. This area is VERY mainstream. I am looking into other options and there is one that looks promising (another mom that homeschools) but it would be expensive. I was just looking for other people that may have vaxed only for school entry and what...
Quote: Originally Posted by applejuice Move. Or use an out of state address. Your children's health is at stake. Yeah, easier said than done! I already feel bad enough about all of this. Moving is not an option. I don't understand the out of state part.
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