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Empathy, that's what I feel! Crumbs, and toys and piles of laundry and pee and breastmilk everywhere... that's how new moms homes are decorated
He is wearing shoes, wow, a really grown up man!
thanks! two weeks later, sunbath is totally out of discussion. It's hot like hell now... Ugh, I hate hot weather.
http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd70/ivafotos/ Antonio, his father and his two brothers. Men, lots of them... I'm barely in one picture and not with my best face!
I walked around dilated to a 5 (last day a cervical check revealled I was already almost a pasive 8...) during 14 days. It was crazy, specially the feeling of being a time bomb and having everyone around not doing their things in case you go into labor and Pum! And I hated the feeling of loosing maternity leave days, and I hated myself for planning things and getting mad if later the outcome dind't match my plans (my first two boys came at 37 weeks so I wrongly assumed...
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Welcome baby boy!!!!!!!! VBAC's birth stories always rock!!!!!!!!!
Congrats on your baby girl! I understand your moarning and wish you an enlightening healing. How neat you've been at your mom's. Hugs, I.
Antonio nurses many times during the night, but since he is tucked by my side, we nurse laying down (I could only do this with my other babes when they were quite older, so I'm thrilled!) and I feel quite well rested, since I'm not getting up to pick him up or change diapers, etc. WE've had three nights with no fussing at all (maybe some screaming-gas pain type before turning off the lights) But, as said above, I know things could change anytime... By the way, I've just...
Wondering how you are. Hope you and your little one are OK. Hugs, Ivana
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