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I also vote Austin, TX:   Easy access to nature through large public parks, bike trails, state and national parks, and nearby bodies of water. Composting and recycling programs. Affordable housing Diverse population Good elder services Good public transit Child friendly   Farmer markets, CSAs, community gardens. Backyard chickens legal Homeschool friendly Midwives and homebirth legal Healthy birth...
I'm out as well.  Baby boy was born on the 23rd at 41 weeks 2 days.  After about 4 days of prodromal labor, when active labor kicked in it was only about 3 hours long!  
That is pretty funny that so many of us were due on the 14th!  Something about that day apparently!  I'm really just starting to feel anxious.  I think it has been huge help that my other 2 were born around 41 weeks.  But now if I do go much longer I think I will start to feel really impatient!  I have been feeling emotional and having mild irregular contractions for about 24 hours now, so I'm hoping they pick up today.  We will see. 
I'm still here as well.  I will be 41 weeks even tomorrow as well! I have had some mild irregular contractions today, but they don't seem to be going anywhere!  I am happy that the baby waited until spring to be born though actually :)  I'm still hanging in there but hoping that the baby really does make an appearance this week!  I'm planning a homebirth, and I feel like there is a certain degree of clean that I need to maintain before the birth, but my energy to...
I have to agree with those who felt that pushing was a relief.  It might be my task oriented personality!  But it was much less painful in my mind, still very intense, and of course crowning is very intense, but still overall a huge relief.  
Hi all, I just wanted to join, although a little prematurely.  I'm due tomorrow, the 14th, so maybe that will be the day...but I doubt it.  My first 2 were 41w 2days, and 41 weeks, and I've had no signs of anything changing at all, so I'm thinking this baby is sticking in there for a while longer.  I was a lot more anxious being "late" with my first, and more physically uncomfortable at the end of pregnancy with my 2nd.  This time the pregnancy seems to have flown by so...
I haven't actually encapsulated my own placentas in the past, but I am planning on doing it this time. Actually my midwife does it for a very reasonable fee. My sister in law had a baby about a month ago though, and I encapsulated hers for her. The process was not really bad at all. Kind of a lot of steps I guess, but it wasn't really gross. I don't know if she feels like the placenta has contributed to her recovery, but I have to say from a third party perspective...
I was really worried about this too, as this is baby #3 and I definitely felt movement earlier with my others. I wasn't feeling anything I even thought could be baby until a week ago (19 weeks). But my ultrasound confirmed the anterior placenta so there you have it! I have started to notice more distinct movement the last couple days though which is really nice.
Just popping in to say we had our ultrasound and it looks like boy #3 for us!
I definitely still call my older boys my baby at times. Although my 2.5 year old has taken to informing me that he isn't a baby, he is a "big man". Not sure where that came from!
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