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Zion and the southwest corner of Utah will have very nice warm weather (occasionally a windy day) April is beautiful with all the fruit trees blossoming etc. Bryce (I live 15 min from Bryce) will be very cold, elevation is 7000-10,000 feet. Plan on warm jackets/hats especially after sundown.   Have a wonderful trip! Sarah
I have attended two UC's as support, mainly for the father. The first the babe had a cord around the neck, he started to panic, I was able to calmly tell him it was fine and let the baby come, his fear was holding the mama back, he relaxed visibly and she popped right out into his hands. The second birth the dad was worried about bleeding during labor (it was normal bloody show) I was able to reassure him that it was normal and a couple hours later he caught his son. ...
There is a possibility you could be hit with the difference, you need to call your mortgage holder and ask if there will be a -Judgement of Deficit- after the foreclosure. Make sure to write down the date/time/name of the person you are talking to. Best wishes!
Congratulations! Welcome Jori, can't wait to hear the details! Sarah
Congratulations! and Welcome Catherine! Sarah
Congratulations! Welcome Ezra! Sarah
Congratulations! What a wonderful birth story and cute baby! I love those cheeks! Enjoy your babymoon! Sarah
Congratulations!! Welcome Miriam! Hooray for a VBAC and best wishes for successful nursing!
Congratulations! Welcome Amalia! I am so happy you were able to have a vbac and such a wonderful peaceful labor and birth!
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