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For me it has to do with heredity/skin color. I have olivey skin (mediterranean complexion) and darker skin beneath my eyes. It does get worse when I'm tired, but after many years I'm quite confident it's not either allergy or deficiency. My mother, grandmother etc. have the same coloring and the same circles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti If you think you've come in contact with poison ivy, wash your whole body with hot water and use Fells Napthar Soap . I've never had poison ivy, but I had always assumed (and had it drilled into me by my dh) that you should wash in COLD water because hot water would open the pores, possibly allowing the oil/toxins deeper into the skin. Is that not true?
I'm interested to know if anyone feels they have had success with this. My problem when I hear about methods like this is that near-sightedness is (as far as I understand) caused by the shape of the eyeball and/or lens, which I find hard to believe could be corrected by exercises. But maybe the eye learns to compensate in some way? I dunno, I'm very skeptical.
Thanks. I just looked and couldn't find the group. Is there some trick to it? (I just typed in the name in the search box on groups.yahoo.com)
Hi, I'm not a regular on this forum but hoping someone can help me. I've had a keeper cup for maybe 10 months and it just isn't working well for me. I find it hard to insert far enough (it "pops" open before it's all the way in - I feel like my fingers just aren't long enough to keep it folded until it's properly in!) and it leaks like mad. I've tried various things, like twisting it once it's in, tugging on it gently to try and get it to seal, reinserting 2 or 3 times...
I second coconut oil
It's possible to drink too much water, but it's kind of hard. As the pp said, you have to drink a lot at once. Unless there's something else going on which either is greatly increasing your thirst or is slowing down your body's ability to excrete water. If you were drinking less than maybe 2-3 gallons of water per day I would be asking the doc to check why your body is not getting rid of the water fast enough, or if there's some other problem. I think certain liver and...
The healing the gut tribe might have good advice. It could be lack of enzymes or stomach acid. Did they do stool tests? Your symptoms also sound like they could be caused by bad bacteria. Apparently a lot of cases of supposed irritable bowel syndrome have a lot to do with gut dysbiosis, or a lack of good bacteria in the gut. Even if they have tested and not found anything particular, probiotics might help. Homemade yoghurt or kefir, or probiotic capsules or powder...
Since he's so ahead for his age, I think all you need to do is follow his lead with what's fun for him. A child of a friend of mine just turned 3 and can "write" (messily) a number of words, read simple words, counts letters in words etc. They encourage him (in addition to just reading with him) by playing with words or asking him if he can guess what letter comes next or being silly by misspelling words he knows so he can fix them. In your situation, my main goal...
My dh has really bad eczema. Nothing totally does the trick, but the things that seem to help are: EFA supplementation (cod liver oil, evening primrose); soaking/showering in hot water, patting dry and immediately putting on plenty of moisturizer (he uses pure coconut oil); and a homeopathic cream we got from Whole Foods called florasone (made by Boericke & Tafel) which helps short-term with itching.
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