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Look at you with your thorough personals! Business is going well. I've already made over $10,000 for the month and recruited 14 new people to my team!No, not really. Direct sales businesses always start out slowly, but I am happy with where I'm at and just trying to do a little bit each day, whether it's reaching out to someone or personal development or whatever. I am 8 DPO right now and plan on testing on Friday if my temp is still up. If it's negative, I won't be...
Please don't feel badly about that. We have ALL had seasons where the give and take ebbs and flows. You are welcome here in whatever capacity you CAN be here. :
What a great thread! I have an active four-year-old and I'll definitely be using some of these ideas.
This goes for me as well.
Ugh, Rosie, I'm so sorry that someone made you feel unwelcome. :hugs: That "supporter" title just means that she's paid for an ad-free forum subscription, nothing else.
If there's an acronym you don't know, feel free to ask. I thought there was a list of common ones somewhere but it must be on one of my many other boards that I'm on.
I'm a lurker. Not officially pregnant yet and too early to test. If temp is still high, I'll test on Friday. I'll be 10 DPO then. DH and I have been TTCing since late October this time, and weekends-only TTCing since early January when he took a job two hours away. Our timing this cycle was the best it's been yet (still not totally perfect, but better than it has been). If Friday is a BFN, the earliest I could possibly test again is Tuesday, but it might be even...
I'm sorry, jenjy. Welcome, Li5i
I would do the 3:00 a.m., or after whatever the longest sleep of the night was. You need at least three hours of good sleep to have an accurate temp.
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