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((Rosie))Yeah, that. hCG will turn an OPK positive. The last time I saw someone have so many +OPK in a row, she was pregnant.I have about four BBTs sitting around because I kept losing it and ordering a new one, lol. Then when we moved last, I found a bunch of them between the bed and the wall. AFM, DH doesn't have to work tomorrow, so he gets to spend one more night here before leaving for the week again, yay! In non-TTC news, we were in the 80s 24 hours ago, and...
Congratulations, Jenjy!
Thanks for the new thread. AFM, I am crazy. A friend posted an online "party" (like a direct sales party) on Facebook and invited me to it. I poked around there briefly, then asked DH if I could spend some of our tax refund on it. He said sure, so I started adding things to my basket, and adding, and adding... and my basket got REALLY fat. So I had to text him again to make sure it was okay to spend THAT much on it, lol. Then while I was waiting to hear back from him, I...
Here's a thread about maca. Most there are taking 2000 mg each day and taking it into early pregnancy as well. http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/newestpost/1187953
Yay!Huh, weird. :headscratch: Your temp shift looks good. What's your CP like?I'm all for avoiding public places on "date" holidays like that. Think of the crowds you guys will avoid! Oh no. So sorry to hear this.
I took an HPT this morning. BFN of course since I still haven't ovulated. I think I partly took it so I could get rid of it and not have to pack it when we move in a couple of weeks. I have one more to take/pack later. Twiddling my thumbs here on CD22. DH gets home tomorrow night (for a whole day, yay. lol) so maybe O will wait until after that. At this point, I'm just going to go ahead and assume the worst, that I'll be having AF on moving day, and make appropriate...
How long have your cycles been back? I tend to have late ovulations and short-ish LPs even when not nursing, and I've conceived twice with just a 10-day LP, and all four times with O dates after day 14 (the latest O date being day 23). With your age, and with him still nursing so much, it's a hard spot to be in. I personally know of multiple women who have had babies into their 40s, but I also know of women whose cycles don't become fertile (or sometimes don't come back...
It's not very likely that you're both 15 days past ovulation AND still have a week to go before your period. The time in a cycle from ovulation to your period is usually consistent within a day or two from woman to woman, and is almost never more than 16 days. Were you temping and/or monitoring your other signs? How did you determine your ovulation day?
My temp is technically above my coverline this morning, but my cervix is still medium/medium, so I'm disturbing this temp. If it rises "for real" tomorrow, then I'm out. There's too little of a chance that the swimmers could have lasted this long.
Well, it didn't happen yet. Temp is still low and CP is still high. It's supposed to be the other way around.
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