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Welcome, Eden! NSmomtobe, congrats! Hoping for a sticky for you.
I'll be 36 next month, but I had pregnancies in 2011 and 2012, so I know how I'm going to feel. The 2012 pregnancy especially was REALLY hard on me. I'm definitely going to need to wrap my belly once it gets big enough for extra support. It got to where at the end of that pregnancy, I could barely walk.
A blueberry.
Oh yay! (And when this thread opened, it showed a reply from who knows how long ago that I'd started but never finished... weird how the site saves it. Anyway.) I had said that I stopped POAS over a week ago, but all I have left are OPKs anyway.
I'm so sorry.
Just this morning, my bloat went away a little and I was able to use the "skinny" button on my jeans again, lol. But before I moved, when I was just 3w4d and spilled the beans to people helping us move, someone we told said that she thought I was showing already.
I'm only 6 weeks so I've got a ways to go to feel anything, but it was either last pregnancy or the pregnancy before that I actually did feel flutters first (instead of just waiting until I got a good, solid kick). The way it felt to me, though, was as if baby was receiving a call on his little cell phone that was set to vibrate, lol. Strangest sensation ever.
My loss happened earlier in pregnancy than yours did, but it still had enough issues that I felt better using an OB the next time, at least for during the 20-37 week range. I also chose to take P17 shots that time (but am skipping them this time in lieu of better nutrition). I kept in contact with my midwife, although I didn't see her for prenatals until the very last month, when I doubled up between her and the OB. I didn't know until the very end whether I wanted to...
Yay Maggie!
Jen, that was such a cute video.
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