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Yes, yes, yes! Do it!
And then after conception, as the baby grows, a way to make the belly see-through so you can see just exactly WHAT part is poking you there. Alive, ((hugs)).badwolf, I have high hopes for you. I had some CM this cycle, too, just before my BFP.
Yes, please go ahead and add me to March BFPs.
Yay edubluv!
I don't fall specifically into any of your categories, but I have encapsulated in the past and wouldn't mind talking about it. PM me and I'll get you my information.
These look interesting. I might have to get some since my stress incontinence post-baby lasts longer and longer each time.
My "urge to push" has always been that - a pretty much unstoppable, nearly involuntary pushing that I just had to go with, or else my body was going to go ahead and push on its own anyway.
It was about 10-15 minutes for all three of my pushed births.
I'm still feeling okay. Symptoms haven't started yet and I'm distracted with unpacking so I still sometimes forget that I'm pregnant. Then I suddenly get HONGRY and I'm all, "Oh, yeah! I DO have a little parasite!" lol
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