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:tiptoes in and waves shyly:
My symptoms were more with each pregnancy, started earlier, and lasted longer.
You start talking like Yoda. Then when you intend to say something like, "Lydia, I need you to bring me the packing tape so I can seal up this box," it comes out like, "Lydia, red box sticky strip for with to seal contents. Please."
First pregnancy, I switched to maternity tops (at about 13 weeks) before maternity bottoms because I wore button-up blouses to work and I was tired of arranging safety pins in between the buttons to prevent gaping, lol. Second pregnancy, I think I switched at about 3-4 months for tops and pants. Third and fourth pregnancies, I switched at about eight weeks, mostly for comfort, and partly because I still had a gut from #2 and I wanted to look pregnant and not just fat. ...
Well, I had to vote "Love it!" because the L in my siggy is a Lydia.
When I was pregnant with #2, it "hurt too much" to nurse #1, so I weaned her. When I was pregnant with #3, my water broke halfway through and then he was in the NICU for his whole life, and my mom took my big kids home with her for several weeks, and #2 weaned during that time (although he did nurse for another couple of days after I was home from the hospital and before my mom took them to her house). I wasn't producing milk when I became pregnant with #4. He's 14...
Convertible dress tutorial. http://rowena.typepad.com/rostitchery/infinity-dress.html
I texted a pic of the test to a couple of my closest friends, with the comment, "not a PEEP to anyone!" My one friend texted me back after a while with just one word: "peep." LOL. Then moments after that, she sent me a picture of a marshmallow Peep. I busted a gut.
I know the dress you're talking about. I think I can find some instructions... hold on. In other news, that link is AWESOME! Totally doing some of those projects. As if I needed ANY more maternity clothes.
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