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I'm still feeling okay. Symptoms haven't started yet and I'm distracted with unpacking so I still sometimes forget that I'm pregnant. Then I suddenly get HONGRY and I'm all, "Oh, yeah! I DO have a little parasite!" lol
Congratulations truffula!
MIL and FIL came to help us move, and last night, Dh was complaining about heartburn all evening. At one point, I called him into the bathroom to show him the tests, and then I had the idea of him taking the test out to show his parents, but add if HE had taken it, you know, wondering if he was having heartburn because he's pregnant. Lol. It was great
I hope you have a good result with your next beta
See, it was total opposite for me. External worked great for us, but when I tried the applicator, no matter how high I got it, it seemed like it all fell out right away.Afm, I took an opk today (currently lacking additional hpts. Test line about twice as dark as control.
Thanks, everyone.I was charting, so I'm 3w3d today. 9 DPO yesterday when I tested. I have a beautiful triphasic chart this time.
This just happened. I'm scooping out dinner into bowls, and the kids are watching some Netflix through the Wii. I intend to ask B (4) to pause the show and get some spoons. Here's what I said. "Benjamin, can you pause the show and get everybody--oh, wait. The spoon is up high, isn't--wait, not the spoon, the remote. The remote's up high, isn't it? Okay, don't pause it, just get some spoons."
With my third pregnancy, my water broke at 23 weeks. I was immediately placed on hospital bedrest. I went into unstoppable labor at 25w5d and they took him by emergency c-section (his HR was dropping into the 60s and I was bleeding heavily). My placenta had abrupted. He did great in the NICU but then got MRSA after about 10 days. His cultures did eventually come back negative, but the infection had just done too much damage to his body and he couldn't recover. We...
We used Preseed this time. Maybe it helped, maybe it didn't, but I needed some, um, "help" in that area anyway, so might as well use something that's sperm-friendly, right?
Add in sleep deprivation and it's a wonder I can be understood at all.
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