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I always end up calling my pre-born baby my "inner child" lol.
So sorry, OneWithTwo.
I went to a preconception meet-and-greet with my midwife, and she asked me what vitamins I was taking, and recommended Shaklee Vita Lea. She said that she's seen some of the most beautiful placentas from mamas who took those vitamins. So I've been taking those since early January. Also, since sometime last summer, I've been drinking a daily smoothie of almonds, oatmeal, spinach, protein powder, banana, and blueberries. I'm hoping these two things will help the rest of...
So I went to bed last night, and I told myself that I could go ahead and test a day early if my temp was at least 98.5. It was 98.56 and I got this. It was my last test and I was really expecting it to be negative and I'd have to find a way to get out today and get another one to use for tomorrow. Guess I'm all official now instead of just a "am I pregnant or am I not" lurker!
I'm going to say positive. (but get your pic in here!!!)
That actually sounds like the timing that I had this time, but you can also go tonight because a friend of mine only had all her conceptions on the day after O.Take a picture anyway! We love squinters! Take it out in bright daylight (but not necessarily direct sunlight) and use the macro function on your phone to get a clear picture. AFM - So I went to bed last night, and I told myself that I could go ahead and test a day early if my temp was at least 98.5. It was...
For probably... well, probably since my oldest was born 7 years ago, I would only wear makeup to church. I hated the way it felt on my skin and the way the eye shadow all collected in my crease. I managed to get a small sample of mineral makeup several years ago and LOVED it, but couldn't continue b/c of the price. I've recently found some naturally-based, cruelty-free makeup (including a mascara that even helps _my_ pathetic and puny little lashes) and am now even...
I guess I consider myself a "middly" lol. Joined in '05.
I have a necklace that originally belonged to my great-grandmother, given to her by her parents on her 13th birthday. She gave it to my grandmother on HER 13th birthday. My grandmother had three daughters and a son. Her son is my father. She skipped her kids' generation filled with girls and gave it to me on my 13th birthday.
Hah! I've NEVER seen it that way until you said something. So sorry you didn't get any results today.
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