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I am looking for lactation consultant recommendations in the Salem, MA area. We have the name of Kathy in Beverly that was given to me here (thanks!) many months ago but we're looking for additional names as well just in case. Her baby is now 3 days old and she is struggling - mostly with getting him to nurse on the right breast. He is great on the left. TIA!
Thanks! Don't know if I could convince her to see a homeopath but I'll pass it along. Any other recs? ETA: She is calling him and seems excited about it - yeah!
I'm not sure how far you want to travel but Cindy St. Onge in Avon is fantastic for any vaccinating choice. (We don't and she hasn't questioned it once). She does tend to prescribe abx easily but I have always held off on using them and never needed them.
My sister is due with her first in March. Any recommendations for a ped in the Salem, MA area? Preferably someone on the more holistic side who doesn't prescribe antibiotics at the drop of the hat and is flexible with vaccine decisions? Thanks!
There are midwives with breech experience - I had a breech baby at home!
My friend used South Shore Midwifery and loved them. She was not a VBAC though. She had an extremely long labor (over 50 hours) but she still delivered vaginally... http://southshoremidwifery.com/Home/Home.htm
Excellent - thanks again!
Thanks - got a phone number?
There is also a homeopath in CT - he treated my son and is great. http://www.drshevin.com
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