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Our dear Autumn is 10 (Calling all santa fe h'schoolers: We are returning to the city different next month ...what groups are active there?). Peace and blessings. Joe Dad to Gina (1976) and Autumn Rose (1993) Grampa to Angelina (2003)
Ha, MSD; that's good: she knows you well and loves you anyway. That's my short answer: Rose knows me so well. Better than anyone (sometimes better than I know myself). I could tell that she did the moment we met (sparks flew...). The short version of our story is that after spending our first day together we were separated for 2 weeks (she remained in NH while I returned to NJ, where we both lived). We spoke every day of those 2 weeks, sharing our stories and...
Oops, Katje; as I read my post it sounds like my "disdain" comment was referring to your dh; it was generic, believe me (you'd think an editor would re-read before he posted, wouldnt you?). He has inherited 3 great kids; I had my hands full with one. He has one of the toughest jobs around, and with you as a partner he can't miss. Keep hanging in there. Joe
Ah, science! Mothering is such an art that it may help you to avoid the statistical support (he'll find that on his own). If he sees the empirical results of your philosophy (wise, healthy kids making sound decisions, like pulling away from a dad who doesn't "get it") he'll put 2 and 2 together. He may be reluctant to discuss your philosophy because you ARE the expert...a novice should listen more than talk. His front row seat is providing a lot of data for him to...
USDA also has a program; if you attend a couple of very helpful workshops you qualify for low-interest rate and (sometimes) subsidized mortgage/grant for closing costs/etc. Look in phonebook for U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's Rural Housing dept. Joe Dad to Gina and Autumn Grandpa to Angelina
We loved it. Autmn (10) wanted to see it cuz of Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) and we wanted to see it cuz of Bonnie Hunt ("Life with Bonnie" leaves us in tears with splitting sides every week). I liked the fact that Dad (evetnually) chose family over his dream job. Joe Dad to Gina and Autumn Gramps to Angelina
Ah, the Simpsons...such fine family values (really!). Our dd's first "word" was "D'oh!" (while I was on diaper duty we spent a lot of snuggle time with the tv). Last year we watched an "Inside the Actor's Studio" episode with the entire Simpsons cast...it was neat to see the faces behind the voices (and James Lipton mentioned his own appearance of the show). One of them mentioned that some religious group had honored the show for its treatment of religion...
Kitty, it is better if you can get your life back on track. If that means going to OR, go. Gather what strength you can by being home. A network of family and therapists/counselors can help your kids make sense of what's going on. Thay won't "resent" you in the end. They'll thank you for standing up as a mother and wife. You are modeling behavior for them. The right kind of behavior. You are right to pray that "someday it will all make sense to them." Their father's...
My favorite is and has been for a long time....Bruce Springsteen. Took Autumn to Atlantic City to see him this week for her first concert ever....we BOTH had a blast....spent all day on the (chilly) boardwalk then 3 hours of Bruce. Joe Dad to Autumn, 9, and Gina, 27 Gramps to Angelina, 8 months
My Rose is cool with my mothering forum-surfing. She often weighs in with a sharp comment or observation (she's awful smart -- she let ME catch her, right? -- in addition to being gorgeous and sexy...). She prolly would check in herself here but she's not into the PC as much as I am). She's a real-life gabber, tho, so this is one of the few times I get a word in (ya can tell she's not reading this, right?) ...Waitin on a sunny day.... Peace Joe
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