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So, she's had an up and down fever since Monday?  Sounds like the flu we just had.  This year's flu was really bad, we were so miserable.  dd and I both had it, hers lasted longer than mine, as I think is usually the case with kids.  From my own experience, dd had fever for 7 days, peaking on the 2nd/3rd day to around 103.5, then started to go down to 99 on day 5, thought we were over it, then peaked again on day 6 to 101, down a bit the next day, and normal on day 8. ...
Wow!  Looks great!
I would caulk around the outside of all the windows.  We had condensation problems the last couple of years; we caulked all the windows this fall and so far this winter, no condensation.  
My 2 kiddos share a room, instead of dressers, we have a couple of these in their closet.  It works great for us.  We have undies/socks, pjs, shirts and shorts stored in the baskets and dresses/pants hang above from the closet rod.
Don't know if it's appropriate for your mom or not, but the first thing I thought of was a baby doll, I've heard it is therapeutic for some with Alzheimer's to have a baby doll to care for. My step-mother got her mother a fur real cat since she loved cats but couldn't care for one or have on in the nursing home.
#1 - Indian Cuisine #2 - MDC Puke Smiley
Quote: Originally Posted by GoBecGo the neighbour probably called about the screaming because they couldn't get ahold of you (i actually did this once in my bad old 'hood and the mom had collapsed, so maybe she was fearing the worst?), the police came to make sure everything was fine - and it was What a horrible day I bet pp is right. After hearing the screaming all day and not seeing you, the neighbor probably started to fear the worst about...
My dd (age 6) has a print similar to this and some flower decals on her wall - I just love the print and bought it while pregnant with dd (before I even knew I was having a daughter)
I took a whole bunch of books there and got maybe $5, sooo not worth it. They only want new, hard to get hold of books.
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