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Quote: Originally Posted by townelin What about a necklace tree? Any ideas? I'd love to see my necklaces more often so that I would put one on once in awhile. I re-purposed my belt hanger like this for a necklace hanger in my closet.
Quote: Originally Posted by doubledutch if your couch is facing the fireplace, ideally i think it would be nice to get rid of this and replace it with a big chair and ottoman.
I use the Thermos nissan hydration bottle, it's great, and very well insulated to keep my drinks COLD - http://www.amazon.com/Thermos-Nissan...7114141&sr=8-1
I just hang the rags on the door of the washing machine until they are dry, and then toss them in the washer to wait until there is a full load - I don't mind them going in with the rest of the laundry.
Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom ...the Ped could be actively looking for a health issue and not know that the baby is being starved. This is why I think you should try to locate her ped immediately. I imagine that the ped would not automatically come to the conclusion that the mother is starving her baby, but would search for a medical reason for the condition, and miss the fact that the baby is just not being fed enough. Find out...
Quote: Originally Posted by crl I wish we had been able to choose! I would have gone with 1/2 day. I just think a full day of school is awfully long for little kids. Catherine Yup, same here - the full day is long, I wish we had a choice. DD loves kindy, but I miss her and she is very tired and hungry after school.
Snopes has some good info about formaldehyde and Magic Eraser. I personally love the Magic Eraser and use it on my doors and door jams a lot - just as a pp mentioned, be careful because it will dull shiny surfaces.
I have severe dust allergies - we were able to weed out the stuffed animals a little at a time. Once every few months I have dd sit down and we empty out all of the stuffies onto the floor and I have her pick out the ones that she doesn't play with anymore that we can give to "another little boy or girl who doesn't have a lot of toys". I am much more tolerant of the smaller stuffies like beanie-babies, so I'm not nearly as ruthless with those, and those get much more...
Probably MIC, but according to one of the reviews this doll is intact: http://www.amazon.com/Corolle-Specia...2714051&sr=8-9
Quote: Originally Posted by artemis33 Those of you who say you have stainless cookie sheets - are you *sure* they are stainless and not aluminum? I ask because a couple of years ago I was on a mission to find some stainless cookie sheets and muffin tins and no one in the entire Seattle area carried them - not the regular stores, the fancy stores or the restaurant supply stores. Just aluminum. Sometime nice heavy duty half sheet pans, but still,...
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