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We were at the Christmas Eve service, dd was 2.5 yo (and fascinated by having a new baby brother, with baby brother parts) chose the quietest time of the service to ask in a very loud voice "did baby Jesus have a penis?"
If I were you, next time the situation presents itself and it seems like she's asking your opinion, I'd casually mention what my kids enjoy that satisfies their sweet tooth - like smoothies, cereal, yogurt, frozen fruit (like grapes and mango), muffins...
I wanted to let you all know that I just found out that the liner of paper frozen juice concentrate cans contains BPA. I did not know this, I have avoided as many canned products as possible, to limit our BPA exposure, but never considered paper-cans. I sent an email to Minute Made inquiring about their liner and they confirmed that the white lining of their cans does contain BPA. (of course they touted BPA's benefits, etc ) This really bothers me, we go through a...
You Rock!!! Way to go!!!
We had a lot silverfish when we first moved into our current home - in fact we still see an occasional one, though I only see one in a great while (fortunately, not a sense of phobia for me, though I can imagine how you feel) The one thing we did that helped immensely was to get rid of ALL cardboard boxes - all of them, even in the attic - we now use rubbermaid instead. They make their homes in the cardboard.
Have you already sent out the invite? If not, you could mention that lunch will be provided for the children.
Quote: Originally Posted by daytripper75 It seems like it would only be safe with an electric dryer. But very cool! Yeah, definitely don't do this with a gas dryer!! (carbon monoxide poisoning) Other than that, my only worry would be the humidity - might make your house more prone to mold.
I LOVE our side-by-side. Like others have said, I love that I can adjust my shelves to suite my needs, and my freezer has tons of shelves and drawers. I can easily fit a pizza box in my Kenmore (made by Whirlpool), but I don't know if that's true for all side-by-sides. I usually use the freezer as much as the fridge throughout the day, so it is WAY more convenient to have a side-by-side for me. I also get ice regularly throughout the day - so we use our water/ice...
Quote: Originally Posted by samy23 This sounds good! I will go look for that fabric. Is it easy to sew on? Im pretty amateur at sewing.. Yes, it's very easy to sew. If you don't want to sew it to the curtain, you could always make a hem and put it up with a tension rod - that's what I did.
Quote: Originally Posted by maritimemum is it as pricey everywhere else as here? cause it was crazy high... even two layers of fleece ended being 1/2 the cost here... hmm, I don't remember, I went to Joann Fabric and I always use my 40% off coupon when I go there.
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