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Yup, we have a cheapo plastic can under our kitchen sink too - Love it! Very convenient to have it there, I don't know why I didn't move it sooner.
In the kids closet, I have 2 sets of elfa drawers side-by-side, I love this set up. Everything is in the closet, plenty of room to hang things up, and plenty of drawer shelves below.
that looks great!
Quote: Originally Posted by FondestBianca It was absolutly key that my parents did whatever they could to remain on a friendly basis. They were definatly not interested in being together or being buddies but, if one had a problem they could still go to the other. I think you are absolutely right. I think the reason my parents divorce was not traumatic for me was because they agreed to continue to be parents, even if they weren't husband and wife...
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist I guess I always wonder in these conversations, why not wish they had gotten their acts together and made a happy marriage together? I am not being snarky. I hear that alot, "I wish my parents ahd split up, rather than fighting for 20 years (or whatever)" why not wish they had just grown up and gotten along? Because no matter what one wishes for, the reality is that they got divorced and it would have...
My parents divorced when I was 12 - I remember being relieved when it happened, I was ready for an end to the constant bickering and arguments. It was difficult in some ways, my time was divided between parents, and the emotions from my parents in the beginning of the divorce where hard to see. But it was the best thing that could have happened for my relationship with my father. I don't really remember him being a major part of my childhood, he was so busy making a...
We lucked into a small secretary desk that was gifted to us. It is perfect, several drawers for markers/crayons/stencils, large work area and it will grow with the kids. My dd (5) uses it mostly, but my ds (3) is also very comfortable sitting at it and coloring - maybe you can check craigslist for something similar?
Quote: Originally Posted by CanBoo Check out etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=39992 This MDC mom makes shopping bags with them. That's so cool!
I'd get this and this
Not exactly what you're looking for, but this is so cute! http://www.sewzannesfabrics.com/sewa...otteddoll.html
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