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Gosh, I know it's a year and half later, but I'd love to hear how it went too!
Oh, and welcome out-of-the-closet lurkers! Glad to have you.
Finally, a response from one of my readers! I don't have all of his comments back in the mail yet, but (via email) he felt as though the characters were real people, and he wanted to read more about them at the end of the book. I'm so thrilled, b/c (as a reader & writer) character is the most important element of fiction to me! He also had several solid suggestions for improvement (regarding certain scenes being over or underdone, not enough plot hints given, and areas...
Oh, what do you all think a reasonable amount of turnover time is for the first readers (critiquers) of a 90,000 word manuscript? I'm feeling a wee tad impatient.
Oriole, I'm real sorry about the loss of your story. I probably wouldn't attempt a new project for a while, if that were me. Maybe some poetry?
Thanks, I will look into both of those. He doesn't have any obvious food allergies and is healthy (other than the constipation).
My six-year-old has always had problems with regularity. He is skinny, and eats less in general than his siblings do. In addition to making sure he eats fruits and veggies and drinks plenty of liquids, we frequently have to give him fiber and laxative supplements. They work, but I just want to make sure we're not covering up an underlying condition. When we don't give him supplements, he can go up to six days without a bowel movement (and strangely, without any discomfort...
just_lilly, I didn't know Geneen Roth had come out with a new book. I read all of her books a decade ago and loved them! I've just recommended Women, Food and God to several friends. I'm a library gal too, to save money, to save space, and to support the library, which also has great programs like storytimes for the kids, bookclubs, and author visits.
re-subscribing. no writing news from me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mooney Witch of Blackbird Pond in the living room, and A Swiftly Tilting Planet in the car... Great choices, Mooney!!!
New Posts  All Forums: