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I have to agree that if you love it here, you LOVE it here and you can find tons of positives. I am not a native but knew realistically what the area and weather was like and I could never imagine living anywhere else. We have so much more free quality time since we can all go hang out at the beach without a planned trip. My hubby can drop in on his way home from work if he is working late.
Panama City Beach is in the panhandle and has some beautiful state parks as well for camping. There are two.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lynda&Jenna I live in Va and have thought about moving to FL, we would like to be in the panhandle. Near Port St Joe. Our problem is we have horses and I can find any horse area's near there or farms for sale. The perfect place would be land with beach access. Directly on the beach may be difficult but near should not, particularly near Port St Joe. That is in my neck of the woods. I have an really great real...
I live on a beach in Florida too but I love it! While some things do cost more, there are so many other low cost things for us to do. We love to go the beach and hang out so it is awesome for us. We have lived a lot of other places and this feels more like home than anywhere else. I do wish it was easier to find organic foods but I have only been here for 6 months and have been finding more and more. There are some great farms not too far away in Alabama. There is a...
Just wanted to say hi! I hope you rethink the panhandle or at least some of it. I live in the panhandle but on the beach and I love it. Very friendly people, lots of festivals. There is even a holistic ped. I lived in NC and it definitely not the south here.
Gulf Breeze is a little crowded and high traffic mostly because it is just over the bridge from Pensacola but Navarre is beautiful! We go to the Children's Hospital in Pensacola so we get to enjoy the beauty regularly. Personally, I won't live anywhere other than the panhandle. There is still some season changes and it is such a pleasant and beautiful place to live.
Good luck with the move. It shouldn't be too hard to find a rental. I do think it is higher than where I live (which is why I chose our location). I live on the very west end of Panama City Beach but I am in Destin pretty regularly since my bank is there. Have you tried contacting a realtor for help? Most rentals are rented either through the newspaper or rental agents at realty offices. It was a big help for me when we first moved down.
Do they accept any government funding of any kind, even for milk? If they accept any funding they are required to accept the exemption. It does not mean you practice a different religion. Even Catholics interpret the Bible and its relation to vaccines differently. Seriously, a medical exemption only works for the vaccine that caused an injury and the injury must be documented ad registered with the state. Also, many states require that medical exemptions are certified...
Ours had to be signed by the RN that administers vaccinations. Could it be that Thursday is the only day she is in that office?
While it may make some doctors sit back a moment the smarter ones know they can sign it and it doesn't mean anything. The vaccine law prevents lawsuits against doctors or pharmaceutical companies so the form is worthless.
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